My Cento Collection Is Live On Kindle

No Voice Of Her Own, is now available. Time has been an issue, so I haven’t enrolled in any merchandising programs yet. This is my only advertising, thus far. As with Ramshackle Houses, I encourage and appreciate reviews and any feedback. This is a learning process I am thoroughly enjoying!

Happy Poetry Month, y’all!

Kindle Book is Live

Ramshackle Houses & Southern Parables is available today! After reading about an author who said she loved publishing on Kindle first because friends would give tons of feedback which she would then use for the relaunch, I thought … that’s totally doable! If I would have known this service was so accessible, I would have jumped in ages ago.

I really thought formatting would be easier. (Waits for everyone to laugh.) Thankfully, I learned a lot in this process, and can’t wait to add No Voice of Her Own and few short stories later this week. Note to Self: Do a better job with the sample preview!

The cover art is from a photograph by yours truly—which, by the way, makes the cover creation process so much easier.

Have some poems, y’all. Leave reviews. Your time and your words are much appreciated!